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What to Expect When Moving Into Your Landing

By Jessica Goudreault | Nov 3, 2021
Jess Goudreault prepares to leave for her Landing with her cat, Blink.

It’s official: You’ve just become a Landing member. You’ve packed up your entire life, and now you’re about to move to a brand-new city to start your exciting adventure! So, what’s it going to be like to move into your Landing apartment?

Here’s what it was like for me. 

From New Hampshire to Nashville

When I made the decision to start traveling with Landing, I knew I wanted to bring my car. Not only would it help me bring all my belongings with me, but it would also let me travel farther in each city and get the intimate and exciting experience of driving all over the country and stopping at country stores and road stands along the way.

The Landing apartment I’m staying at is fully furnished, so that made packing much easier. I basically just took clothes, toiletries, and a few other essentials (more on that later!).

The whole drive from New Hampshire to Nashville took 20 hours over the course of two days, which included lots of pit stops and a stay at a pet-friendly motel. Lucky for my cat, Blink, I did all the driving, while he slept on my lap the whole time.

Communication from Landing

Landing stayed in touch with me throughout my whole journey. They sent me helpful reminders about my check-in process several days before my actual move-in date to let me know a host would be there to help settle me in. 

On the day of my move-in, my host messaged me through the Landing app to remind me of the apartment location and time of check-in. When I got there, she was already waiting for me outside!

My heart was beating so fast as she opened the door. This was my first Landing apartment, so I was nervous about what to expect. Would the apartment really be as clean and sunny as it looked online? Would all of the appliances actually work? Was this really worth driving over a thousand miles for??

All I can say is yes, yes, yes!

Welcome home!

My host opened the door to reveal a beautiful, modern apartment with high ceilings and a bright and welcoming kitchen. The living room and bedroom both looked like they had been designed by Joanna Gaines, perfect for productive days and cozy nights. 

And, on top of that, there was a sunny balcony that led to a pool, firepits, and grilling area.

I wanted to run around and scream at the top of my lungs, but I politely waited until my host left.

Getting settled in

My host gave me a tour and answered a few questions I had about my stay, like how to handle maintenance requests and where to bring my trash and recycling. She showed me the rest of the apartment community, which was like a college dorm for the modern adult, complete with a pool table, famous lyrics along the walls, and cute décor everywhere!

My host gave me my parking permit, mailbox key, and security key fob (you need this to enter the building, which made me feel very safe). She also let me know that I can reach out to Landing any time through the app to request maintenance, schedule a cleaning, or just ask other member-related questions.

I also bumped into several other tenants (and dogs!) along my tour, and they were all so kind and welcoming. Each one of them said the same, lovely phrase, “Welcome to Nashville!”

Time to unpack!

Unpacking didn’t take very long since I didn’t bring that much stuff. Here’s what I brought for each room.

The apartment already had sheets, a comforter, and lots of pillows in the bedroom, so I just brought clothes for cooler weather, a surprising number of shoes, jewelry, and a fan to help me sleep at night. That’s it! 

For the bathroom, I brought my personal toiletries like my toothbrush, facewash, and lotion along with first-aid items like Band-Aids, Ibuprofen, and cough drops. I brought essential beauty products like makeup, brushes, and my hair straightener, but I also brought some non-essential bath products like candles and bath salts to enjoy relaxing nights in. 

In the living room, the apartment already had a TV, lamps, and a desk, so I brought my own bar fixings and favorite shot glasses. After all, I am in Nashville! I also brought sentimental items from home like photos, books, and my favorite poem. 

The kitchen was so fully stocked that I hardly had to bring anything! It already had silverware, cutting boards, wine glasses, a Keurig, and everything down to a pizza slicer. Seriously!

So, what did I need to bring to my Landing apartment?

I love to cook, so I brought a lot of food and cooking essentials like spices, flour, and oils. I also brought some extra food containers in case there wasn’t enough. Again, I love food.

I also brought my favorite mug and a bunch of reusable grocery bags—these were super helpful when packing and moving in.

I’m also obsessed with plants, so I brought a few with me. Okay, I brought 10 with me—but hey, plants make a place feel more like home! 

When I moved in, there was also a care package for me from Landing that had a bunch of essentials things, like dish soap, cleaning sprays, paper towels, toilet paper, and even snacks—which are essential in my book!

I’ve already been here for one week and I honestly don’t feel like I’ve forgotten anything or am missing anything important. The apartment is the perfect spot to work, cook, and relax. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My advice to you is to bring whatever makes you happy, even if it’s a car full of plants and candles.

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Jessica Goudreault

Jess is a freelance travel writer and digital marketing specialist who has been traveling the United States for over a year with her dog, cat, 10 house plants, and anything else she can fit in her Subaru. She specializes in writing about the best food, drinks, and outdoor activities she tries based on local recommendations. You can catch her hopping from city to city every three months, writing about her travels while sipping on a nice cold pint.