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JAZZADELPHIA Volume 1: The Piano

"Like a set of fine China, this album is characterized by its craftsmanship, delicacy and sheer beauty. " - AllAboutJazz.com

"To have been included by Todd Horton with the likes of John Coltrane, Benny Golson, Jimmy Heath, Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan, Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner and Bobby Timmons is quite an honor in itself, then to be represented by two formidable artists, who both participated in my own evolutional history is remarkable as well. The feelings that come from these two chosen compositions, “The Great Stream”, performed by Jim Ridl, and “A Portrait of Diana”, performed by Ron Thomas are unique, maybe because the themes themselves not only remind me of countless moments throughout their past performances, but even more, how they both generously provide a canvas for these artists to create their individual paintings upon. Their interpretations are superb! I’m proud to remain connected not only with Ron and Jim, but also with all the other artists included in this project. JAZZADELPHIA is great!!"   -
Pat Martino

“This project offers an opportunity for music lovers to appreciate and enjoy the composing skills of Philadelphia’s Jazz Legends, played by talented pianists.” - Jimmy Heath


"Overall, Horton is a first when it comes to creating moods and grooves. The album seems to be evenly divided between the quietly evocative to the outright funky. It seems like a strange combination but anyone can find something to like in each track. Horton is a fine musician and with Seasons, he has put together a nice effort." JazzReview.com


"Hearing this album, we can all say we could just never have imagined the bass as a solo instrument that is wholly absorbing and wholly capable with sounds that show the artist knows jazz, classical, South American, and yes, even some colors of the Japanese koto. We can say he has reinvented the bass as a solo instrument. Hill takes center stage as a first class artist, Alone." James Forte - Wildflower Publishers

"OK, an unaccompanied solo in a tune is one thing. A whole concert - well, that's something else entirely. The thing is, Greene can keep the listener interested - very interested - for upwards of an hour, all by himself. His new album, ''Alone,'' is a riveting hour-plus of material, mostly originals, that stand up well as melodic compositions played with passionate dedication. There is a wide range of styles and forms, and there is no risk of boredom among the eight tunes."
Steve Greenlee - Boston Globe





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